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Redhead The Pirate™

ARH Maties! Tis all about the boOty

1 October 1978
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80s cartoons, albert einstein, alternative history, alternative science, ancient egypt, ancient history, anime, anti-gravity, anti-mass generators, antigravity, asimov, atlantis, bad girls, bad religion, ballet, barbie art, beastie boys, beethoven, books, boondock saints, border collies, buddism, cartoons, cats, chaos theory, collies, conspiracy, corset making, corsets, cosplay, cosplay costumes, costumes, courage the cowardly dog, david hatcher childress, devine moments of truth, dj ak1200, dj liquid todd, drawing, dressage, earthships, enlightened libra creations, enlightenment, equestrian sports, erich von daniken, excentric, exploration, fashion design, fencing, free climbing, frisbee dogs, fruits, funklab, gay deceiver, goldie, gwar, hallucinogens, herbs, historical research, hive, i hate bush, independent art, indoor rock climbing, inuyasha, invader zim, jack off jill, japanese street fashion, johnny depp, jungle, jungle brothers, kawaii, kenneth patchen, kitty cats, krs one, lazarus long, library of alexandria, looney toons, lost civilizations, macaws, mad scientists, manga, mushrooms, my little pony, natropathic medicine, natural medicine, natural redhead, new age thinking, nikola tesla, opera, outdoor rock climbing, painting, parrots, passion, pennywise, physics, piercings, pirates, pixel, playing the violin, plur, portishead, promoting peace, propellerheads, psychic, psychology, punk rock, pussy, pussycats, pythagoras, quantum physics, ra, rainbow brite, rave clothing, raver clothing, raves, reading, redheads, renaissance clothing, renaissance costumes, renaissance festivals, robert a. heinlien, salvia divinorum, samuari jack, science fiction, secret life of plants, sherlock holmes, show jumping, skull & cross bones, sphongle, stateside collective, strawberry shortcake, swords, synchronicity, t.townsend brown, telepathy, the celestine prophecy, the princess bride, theatre, theoretical physics, thrift store shopping, time enough for love, time travel, toy collecting, transcendental meditation, truth, twin peaks, ufos, underground fashion, unified field theory, voltron, web design